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Feb 18th - Week 7

Time is just flying by!

Here's a little of what we've been up to this past week...

I think this pic was from last week.  I just thought it was cute and clever.  The music wasn't working for the first song so, the brothers improvised with someone's phone.  It worked great!

This was one day in service.  We were on the bus heading to a territory in the eastern part of the city, about 20 minutes away when traveling on the bus.  This is the terminal.  There are market stands everywhere.  Also, large and small buses to go pretty much anywhere.  Managua, eastern Nicaragua, Chinandega, etc...  This bus we saw here was loading the luggage to the roof, I think it was headed to Managua. (They usually have the destination(s) printed on the side of the bus.)  We've never shopped here but, it looks like some of the other markets.  It's quite an experience!  Lots of stuff, not a lot of space to move, or walk around, lots of vehicles VERY close to you, and lots of people.  There are people that come on the bus to sell water and fruit while we wait for the passengers to get on, or off, the bus.  They just walk through selling and then they're off to sell some more.  We passed that bus (in the photo below), in the bus we were in, in that little sliver of space to the left.  I could have reached out to touch someone sitting in the other bus we were so close.  I just thought it was a good glimpse of everyday life here in Nicaragua.

Saturday night there was a going away party.  The party was for this couple below.  Their names are Pat & Deb Polden, from Canada.  I have their blog address on the sidebar, it's CrazyParentsinNicaragua.blogspot.com.  You can read about some of their adventures here in Nicaragua.  I haven't read all of it but, from what I did read I thought it had some very helpful information about the area.  If you are thinking of coming here it may be useful to you.  Anyway, they are going away, from Leon at least.  They are headed for the eastern part of Nicaragua, Pearl Lagoon.  Sounds nice, doesn't it?  We look forward to reading their experiences in that area.  I know the congregation here is going to miss them a lot.

At the party some of the boys, playing music and chatting about music.

More of the party crowd enjoying the cooler night air.  It was super HOT inside from all the dancing going on.  I, however, was working on my Spanish with Michelle.  Past and future tenses!  Oh, my poor brain! :-)

A family photo!

And, one with Levi being silly...

This is Rhianna & James Gallagher.  I think that's how you spell their names.  I thought I wrote it down but, I can't find it right now.  Sorry guys!

And, Marcus and Maria Becker.  They're from Sweden.  They plan to stay here at least a year.  They are learning English and Spanish.  And, they are super sweet!

Now, on to Sunday.  We had company over for dinner.  We've been trying to have people over on Sunday nights to get to know everyone.  It's been really nice to spend some time with different couples and families.  Tonight we had fish tacos, rice and black beans, fried plantains, diced tomatoes, avocado and sliced cabbage.  Super yummy again!

Here's a pic of our guests that evening.  Brad and Lydia Ramirez.  They are from California.  I really like them, super sweet, encouraging and positive.  A great combination.  They are also planning to leave Leon in a couple of months.  They were asked to help a congregation in El Salvador.  Another couple the congregation will be sad to see leave.  Even more so since he's the school overseer in the congregation.

Monday was, you guessed it, BEACH DAY!  Here's just a few shots of the beautiful beach that day.

Some of the friends from the congregation were in the background of this shot, waiting for a nice wave to surf.  It was so pretty with the sunlight.

And, Lee's favorite way to end a day at the beach.  Can't you tell he's happy?  He's happy it's not another Tona beer.

Here's the tiniest little lizard that we've seen.  This is when Levi caught it.

And, here it is in Josie's hand.

Friday in service we stopped for a break at Desayunazo.  It was getting close to lunch so, we decided to get some food.  This was the first bacon we had on our trip!  Can you tell that Josie enjoyed it?

Lee had the banana pancakes.  I think he liked them too.

Oh, and here's a pic from our demonstration on Thursday night.  We were talking about our preaching schedule for March.  We are so excited that there is the option to do either the 30 or the 50 hours for auxillary pioneering again. Notice Lee and Levi got new haircuts. They paid 30 Cordoba or about $1.30 each, quite a bargain!

Hmmm.  Well, this is where we stopped for break on Saturday during service.  We honestly do more than just take breaks in service!  I just wanted to take a few photos of places we liked.  We don't have that much more time here so, it's nice to have some photos as reminders of the fun we had.  This is the French bakery, called Pan y Paz.  Everything looks delicious!  We LOVE the bread but, we've had other yummy things there too.

This is a view of their courtyard and seating area.  It's very pretty.

And, this is their mural on the wall.

And, their pretty chandelier up above.

We had another nice week here in Nicaragua.  Lee and Levi both had bible studies this week.  I had a great week in service.  I started a bible study with a young woman I found in the ministry.  We had our first study and she wanted me to bring her a Bible Teach book in Spanish for her mom.  I also had a name given to me by some of the friends in the Spanish congregation.  It was of a young girl that wanted to study the bible in English.  I had the first study on Saturday afternoon.  Her father opened the door for us, gave us a nice rocking chair to sit in and a large glass of ice cold soda to drink.  She's a very smart young person and we had a nice study.  I look forward to seeing both of them again this Saturday.  I've probably forgotten something else I should write about...I'll just have to let you know next time.

We'd love to hear from you.  Tell us how you're doing.  Ask us questions about things here in Nicaragua.  Tell us what you would like to see photos of.  Or, just say hi!

Much love to you all!  Not much longer now before we see some of you... :-)
The Bachman Family

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