Pictures - Updated 2/7/13

These are some random pictures from our trip. Comments by Lee

Miguel - " I like Lee",        Michelle - " Are you serious! I think we should throw him in the volcano!"

 Natalie is just so stinking cute!

 Josie's new friend Jesslyn. She spent a month in Bluefields, Nicaragua with no running water or refrigerator
 At the mouth of the volcano

 The smoke from the volcano looked cool, but took your breath away.

 I think Josie has a little Captain in her!

Levi on his Bible study. So incredible! Great young man eager to learn, it is so heartwarming.

These are the little buses that drive in weird routes that no one seems to comprehend.  I think you can fit 80 people in one of these

Josie fell in LOVE..............

 Here is a little kids park by our old hostel. You've heard of a tree house, how bout a tree castle???

 The beach is quite nice. The sand is very dark compared to the beaches back home. This was the busiest section of the beach, still very few people.

 Most of our service transportation is by bus, we had 16 in this "car group".
 The countryside is beautiful, but it is the dry season, so it's not as green as other times of year.
 Many still get around by donkey cart, not unusual to see a young child driving on their own.
We took a picture after the meeting last Sunday, quite a large group.

 Isolated area of beach we went to on our boat trip. Volcanic rocks along the ocean made little pools were crabs and other critters gathered.

 Laundry and feet are cleaned here!
 Baby Leather back turtle, born that morning, will be released that night.
 This is our boatload of witnesses, including the captain. Beautiful trip through the mangroves.
Hey, there is a pig on the beach!

More pictures to come......

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