Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Feb 11th - Weeks 5 and 6

Remember how I said I got sick?  Well, it seems to be a thing that's going around.  We've heard of lots of people having this illness.  It took a few days before I felt better, by the end of the week I was pretty much recovered.  Then Levi got sick on Sunday.  A few days later Josie got sick.  It's mostly just a sore throat and a fever.  Then it finishes up with a stuffy/runny nose.  Lovely.  We are all currently well.  Hopefully our immunity is strengthened and we won't catch anything else.

Our week was slightly less exciting since we were battling this cold.  We only went out in service on Wednesday and Friday the week of the 28th.  By the time Saturday came, Levi was getting sick.  Then everyone except for Levi was at the meeting on Sunday.

Here's Josie with her buddy Natalie, after the meeting.

The week of February 5th we had our usual beach trip on Monday.  We really like our beach day!

My beach babies.

I had to sit in a little tide pool for a LONG time before I got a pic of this cute little fish.  I think it was worth the wait!

Then we had a little bit of a field trip on Tuesday.  Our friends, M and M, asked us if we would like to join them to go to Managua and Masaya.  First stop was the airport in Managua.  We were picking up a young sister from Virginia.  Her aunt, uncle and cousins were here in Leon when we got here.  There was the going away party for them.  Remember the pic of Levi dancing with Josie?  That was their party.  The sister's name is Jesslyn.  She spent a month in Bluefields on the east coast of Nicaragua.  Now she's here for two months.  We really like her, we may have to be her adopted family while we're here...  Then we were off to the fun stuff.

But before that, a quick stop at the mall.  We hit the bathroom, and the coffee shop. And, Michelle had a quick stop in a kitchen store.  You know, just the important stuff.  This was the entrance to the kid's bathroom.  There were little toilets about a foot high.  Super cute!

Then, off to Masaya.  There are several markets in Masaya.  I think the one we went to was the municipal market.  Our friends said that the other market was more for tourists, and more expensive.  It seems they sell lots of the handcrafted wood and fabric items, there were also paintings and clay items.  However, we were told that it's most famous for hammocks and shoes.  We found lots of little souvenirs for our friends, and a few for ourselves too.  It was a mish-mosh building with untold numbers of little stalls and tables packed with stuff for sale.  There was stuff hanging from the ceiling and walls.  It was also not air conditioned, and about 95 degrees outside.  Hot!  And, not good if you're tall.  However, it was cool to see the variety of items and crafts for sale.  We also got to work on our bartering skills, in Spanish, of course.

After we did our shopping, we were off to the Masaya Volcano.  There are several craters in this location.  We first visited the museum area.  There were some old paintings of the volcano and information about the past and current history of the area.  And, some informational displays about volcanoes in general.

Here's M and M at the museum.  They've seen it before, so they were just hanging out waiting for us.

On the way up the mountain.

A view down the mountain, overlooking the town.

It looks like fog but, it was more of a steam that was coming out of the crater.  When the wind changed it had a weird smell that took our breath away and made us cough.  They said it was from the sulfuric dioxide.  I think that's what the sign said...

Unfortunately we couldn't really see in the crater because of the steam/smoke.

On the way back down the mountain.

Photo shoot!  Lee said Josie was posing like a pirate. :-)

Here's our little pirate.

Here's the crew.  Michelle & Miguel, Jesslyn, and us. (Minus me, of course.)

And, one with me!  Josie's a photographer.

Here's the high point of our week.  Levi's bible study!  This is the young man I told you about before.  Levi has had two bible studies with him already.  When Levi gave him a bible he was so happy.  It's been very encouraging for all of us.

That's it for this week.  We hope you all survived the big snowstorm.

Lots of love,
The Bachman Family

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